6 thoughts on “FASHION

  1. So what do you think about the new hairstyle trending now?
    Won’t it be too much if every second girl wears a rainbowhead instead of a neat elegant natural color?


    • well, Rihanna just did hers pink! and because she is so influential (like I said here http://wp.me/p2hfYJ-1J ) it might be that every second girl will be a rainbow. But i believe that it doesn’t have to look bad if done properly. I’m just trying to think of a street full of colorful heads. it looks happy:D


  2. Nina richi (?) kesha drew barrymore and katy perry are going for rainbows, greens and purples. Don’t know what too say, kinda looks too much on e.g. Nina richy, with her age and stuff *mean*


    • well yes..Nina rich did fail enormously! so i agree! and Kesha has no style to be honest! I feel that the difference between them and Riri is that Riri doesn’t just do what her stylist tells her to do…she takes part in creating her style. I don’t think she goes to the hairdresser and says hey..i need to shock again. I think she sort of goes in and sais: hey I’ve got this crazy idea..how do we make look cool!


  3. Interesting that she’s gone back to pink, she had it a couple of years ago when she also moved a round of pink headed girls. Still i don’t think pale colors like pale pink or green or blue look good on caucasian girls, since it will seem like a washed up spot


    • pink and red I trully like!…but blue and green ..I’m also having a hard time accepting it! although I’ve seen a few blue ombre that look just about awesome!


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