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Mallzee iPad Shot


Shopping is never a lonely activity. Even if I take the challenge of hitting the shops on my own there is always that call to mom or to my friend or that photo in the changing room (when you put the phone on silent so that you don’t get betrayed by the sound of the photo camera) that is being sent to the same persons for comments and confirmation.  There is also the annoying moment when they don’t reply and you wait, while surfing through the rest of the collection with that item in your hand, for the response.

We are not focusing on a specific item right now. This time I call the attention on the shopping experience.

While frequently regarded as a shallow and easy to do task, for a person who really digs fashion shopping is a sport that requires practice and experience. One needs time to surf through all new collections, pick out what fits their style, find the proper size, have all the social communication drama I previously mentioned and then select what fits the budget and what not. All these automatically imply a physical space that you need to get at and which also has to be squeezed in the day planner. Not so easy anymore huh? I mean, as much as you or I love shopping there is also things like having that job that supports this kind of activity which pretty much takes in most of our day planner and non the less there is the night and evening planner which is also of great importance.

With less and less time for such activity nowadays shopping has become a virtual activity that saves us quite a lot of space in that planner. Today, when we all have those magic wands they call smartphones, we can use them to put a spell on the dress we want and bring it to our doorstep. While how to do that is quite straight forward, what about the other stuff that is involved in our shopping routine?


Mallzee Discovery

Actually, it seems the magic wands can do that too! MALLZZEE is the name of the spell and it is masked as an app that sort of makes online shopping more efficient! You need to invest an initial time in setting a social profile, some preferences (style and brands) and that invite all those you trust in terms of fashion advice to join in your experience! This way, the app/spell will always feed you with all that’s new with the collections of your most used brands, to fit you in size and style and you can ask your mom, or friend, or maybe a person you find to know more on fashion than they do to comment, and help make your fashion shopping decision easier. In fact, if you practice a tiny bit with this spell, you would soon learn that it can filter on just one type of item like pants, skirts or whatever, their color or even prince range, since budget is something we all wish we could neglect but it’s impossible not to consider.




Mallzee Filters iPad


Mallzee Brands


Mallzee Social

All shopping experience reduced to 5 minutes a day while browsing on your phone? OMG!… amazing really! And in the end all you need is to press buy, cause it even saves you time for that too! It sort of transforms into an intermediary between your click of the button and all that need to be done to make them clothes come right where you are standing! Magic!

Remember the spell : it’s MALLZZEE (find it in the app store or press on the spell’s name)

And if you’re looking for more theoretical knowledge of its powers, Hogwarts library has allowed a website to leak some info :


Mallzee Logo






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