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Just by sharing this I realize there is a pattern with me and Dior. The thing is, their way of presenting fashion is just so damn good that it sort of feels like eating chocolate but without the guilty feeling. What else is better than that?

This time they have mastered curating an exhibition. Of course it’s an exhibition of their own, which is why they made it so wow! Even if from the outside you get the feeling it’s just a box that would probably hide some dresses inside, the moment you’ve entered this particular box it feels like you’ve been hit with a frying pan in your head , you’ve already fallen to the ground and you woke up in window shopping paradise.

I’ve always been a fan of shop window displays. I know it’s controversial and it’s all designed for consumption  (like everything!!!) but the fact is: some are marvelous and take you to fantasy land! That space awakes a sense of desire because it’s cleverly  done and it meets its purpose! If you look beyond that, it’s a way of making the designer’s clothes presentable. That is :other people’s art made presentable. So join me in applauding how Dior made its art presentable by watching this video:




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