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ringly launch collection



Whether you want to feel like a super agent or you just want to hear your phone it is now possible to do in in a very fashionable manner. I don’t know about you, but I do not master the art of walking out the door in a light way. There is always a reason for my bag to be super sized and super full. The most annoying part is standing five minutes in the doorway to search for my keys that are lost somewhere at the bottom (never in the case of the wallet – especially when shopping). Although I found a spot that is easy to reach yet super secret , for my phone, the problem is that I am carrying it in a  big stuffed thing out in a wild and loud city. How often do you think I hear it? Almost never. Which is why, when I found out Ringly has released this super spy accessory, I immediately added it on my NEED  (not just WANT) list. What is it? It’s a pretty looking ring, that comes in various colors,  designed to sort of match various outfits and which goes bling bling and buzz buzz when it’s time for you to pick up you damn phone! So then your boss, boyfriend, best friend, mom, colleague won’t have the chance to start the conversation with : ‘ Why on earth are you not picking up your phone?’ . Most importantly, if you don’t want to talk to, for example, that annoying work buddy, you have the power to tell your ring to ignore him. Bitch please!




This 18k-gold ring is said to be an anti Google-glasses accessory. Now, I’ve already talked about how Google is trying to make their glasses fashionable and capable of fitting in your outfit, so I see no reason to be anti them. The ring also does only a fraction of what glasses do and it does not solve my problem when instagraming on the road. Nevertheless, it is a fine alternative to solving this ‘hearing your phone’ issue without something hanging on your nose.

With the ring and glasses and who knows what is to come we can now execute our everyday missions, including the style mission.




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