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Have you ever had the feeling that just one month before a new virus of wearing a certain clothing article in a certain way or combination, you predicted it? That you were the pioneer of the whole thing? Because when you see a picture or better yet a person wearing the combo you previously discovered on your very own you feel like the newest upcoming style icon, a sort of a Chiara Feragamo (the one who has not yet built her blog empire) or a Jackie Kennedy who is not married to the president of the US but who has such a style that she will literally be hunted down the street by street style photographers. And you have that feeling that it all started because of you and your genius creative style. ‘Cause you know that on one afternoon you watched the 1976 edition of Charlie’s Angels and you saw Farrah Fawcett wearing a pair of trapeze dark blue jeans with a baseball jacket, an outfit that does not necessarily impress you but you cannot get out of your head how skinny your legs would look in those pants. And so, as a pioneer that you are, you do a long research on current collections and due to lack of success you extend it to vintage shops. And we all know that taking every vintage shop in a row hoping to find what you have in mind is much more of a struggle than keeping a diet or withholding from a chocolate bar> But you, the pioneer, find them! They don’t fit perfectly but it doesn’t matter, because you are willing to go to the tailor that set shop all the way to the other end of the city, just because you know he will recreate the exact stitch you imagine and this way you’ll be prod to show off every part of those jeans. Of course, after this long process, and when the perfect opportunity of wearing them arises, you have the complete image of the outfit in your head. But you do not have the silk white shirt. Yours’ is out of cotton and it is just wroooong. The accessories you have might just work but the shirt is a definitely no no. On that spot you decide it’s time to quit the extra coffee and cupcake you take during lunch break for at least a week and with the money you already saved you run to the store to the exact place you’ve already seen the item that goes perfectly with your composition. You know the exact shelf so you don’t waste time and go straight to it. Well surprise! They don’t have your size, but because you’re so experienced you ask them to call all the other shops to see which one has your size. They eventually find it and you specifically ask them to put it aside because even if you have one hour left until you have to make your meeting you will run wherever to get that shirt. Good! Now that you have it it’s all perfect and you are ready to go. Before meeting the bigger group of friends you briefly meet him, your one and only, whom you kiss and in response he sais: ‘I didn’t know we were going to a retro party’. You try and explain that he has no idea what style means, that it goes way beyond ‘trendy’ and that this is what inspired means, but in your head you already start to doubt whether there is a reason why they haven’t worn trapeze jeans since the production of Charlie’s Angels, other than the change of trend. But now there is absolutely nothing you can do and there is no time to go back and change so you go on with your courageous style statement. At the terrace you and all the friends meet you eagerly wait for a compliment coming from at least one of the girls and even though you went three times to the bathroom to make sure everyone has caught a whole glimpse of the outfit the compliment is not there yet. As the fourth time it is just absolutely necessary to go, while returning at your table you hear a random voice complimenting your jeans. You feel like you want to hug and kiss that person but you refrain yourself and you smile back like a dive thanking him or her for the compliment and after you go on but this time walking as if you were on a runway. One month later, you escape your everyday tram routine on the way to work and browse on Instagram only to find a picture of Miranda Kerr wearing the exact same combination. You feel excited as you remember that pioneer feeling and ignore the fact that even if she was featured in the effortless style section, and for you it meant hours of searching and running through town. You look up and feel confident that even if you are wearing a high waist knee long skirt with a crop top and a pair of platform flats, pretty soon your out of common outfit will become a THING.

PART II ? – coming up –




Ati avut vreodata sentimentul ca doar cu o luna inainta sa apara un nou virus de a purta un anumit articol intr-un anumit mod si o anumita combinatie, ati prezis si ati fost pionierele acesti combinatii? Pentru ca atunci cand vezi o poza sau si mai bine, o persoana purtand fata in fata combinatia gandita de tine insuiti mai inainte, te simti un style icon, un fel de Chiara Ferragamo, varinata care inca nu si-a construit singura imaginea in jurul unui blog, sau mai bine, un fel de Jackie Kennedy, varianta necasatorita cu presidentele Americii dar care insa are atat de mult stil incat va fii vanata de fotografii street style. Acel sentiment ca totul a pornit de la tine si de la geniul tau creativ. Pentru ca tu stii ca te-ai uitat intr-o dupamaiaza la un episod din Charley’s Angels 1976 si ai vazut-o pe Farrah Fawcett purtand o pereche de blugi trapezi impreuna cu o jacheta tip baseball , ceea ce nu te prea incanta insa nu iti poti scoate din cap cat de slabe ar parea si picioarele tale cu acei pantaloni. Si apoi, pionera din tine face o lunga cercetare in recentele colectii puricate cap coada, si in lipsa de success ia la rand fiecare magazin de tip second –hand. Si cu toate stim, ca la explozia de magazine vintage, a le lua la rand e mai curajos decat a tine o dieta sau de a te abtine de la ciocolata. Dar pionera din tine ii gaseste! Nu iti sunt perfect buni dar nu conteaza, pentru ca esti dispusa sa mergi la croitorul din celalalt capat al orasului, pentru ca ai incredere ca iti va face un tiv apropae ca cel original si vei fi mandra sa iti arati varful pantofilor si taietura blugilor. Bineinteles ca dupa ce treci prin tot acest proces, si apare motivul perfect de ai purta, ai imaginea perfecta in cap cu ce ar merge. Dar nu ai camasa de matase alba, ci doar o simpla camasa de bumbac! Si nu! Nu poti face asa ceva cu aceasta tinuta! Ok, la accesorii poti folosi cat de cat ceea ce ai, dar camasa asta strica tot! Si deci strangi cureaua, sari o sapatamana peste cafenele si rasfatul cu amandine de la ora 3 si cu ce ai mai pus de o parte fugi repede la Zara si sari direct la raionul unde stii ca e ascunsa si e pregatita sa fie a ta! Dar ce sa vezi, nu mai au marimea ta! Poftim?!…Ok..E doar ora 7, mai ai timp o ora sa fugi la urmatorul cel mai apropiat magazin unde ai rugat-o frumos pe asistenta de vanzari sa iti rezerve marimea ta! In sfarsit! E perfect, le ai pe toate! Te-ai imbracat si ai pornit! Te inatlnesti cu el! Te vede, te saruta si te intreaba? Mergem la retro party?..tu ii explici ca nu stie si ca stil nu inseamna a fii trendy, si ca de fapt ceea ce porti tu e foarte inspirat, dar in mintea ta deja iti pui intrbari daca nu cumva outfitul, care te-a facut sa treci prin toate astea , si care, dat fiind ca nu s-a mai purtat de la producerea Charlie’s Angels, e o miscare gresita cand vine vorba de stil? Ca vorba vine: exista un motiv pentru care nu se mai poarta. Dar nu ai ce face decat sa pasesti inainte ca doar nu te poti intoarce acum, si intri timida pe terasa unde va intalniti cu totii. Si bineinteles ca astepti complimentul din partea uneia dintre fete macar dar cum inca nu a venit, si deja ai fost de doua ori la baie sa fii sigura ca toata lumea a observant ce porti, incepi din nou sa iti pui semne de intrebare daca nu cumva NU trebuia sa ai chiar atat de mult curaj. Te intorci spre masa, iar dintr-o parte auzi o voce! ‚Hei, ai niste blugi misto!‘ „ATAAAT!!!!“ iti spui tie iar catre voce te intorci si ii spui multumesc, fluturandu-ti parul ca o diva si apoi continunduti defileul pe runwayul din drum spre masa. Trece acest moment, iar intr-o luna, in drum spre servici, vezi o postare cu Miranda Ker, sub titlul efortless style, purtand tocmai combinatia ta de pantaloni trapezi cu camasa alba de matase. Dupa impactul de pionier te gandesti cum pentru tine a fost plin de efort sa pui totul la un loc. Dar treci peste si te uiti in sus gandiu-te ca in pofida faptului ca azi porti un crop top cu o fusta cu talie inalta si lungimea pana genunchi asortate cu plaforme plate, TU vei fii pioniera noului stil!

PARTEA A II A? -urmeaza-

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