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Who is Anna Wintour? She’s the devil that wears Prada! Well not only Prada but the portrait that the movie/book has made of her is the only thing we can relate to! And then, there is a documentary, or should I say THE documentary on Vogue that doesn’t change much of that image of a dictator of fashion, just like Blair Waldorf thought she once was. But this ain’t a post on finding out how Anna Wintour really is or if she truly is the strangest case of boss advertising that seems to present us with the worst scenario of interning, yet the kind of boss and internship we all wanna have. This is  a post about what the guys at Vogue (where she is chief editor) have posted on their Youtube channel.

I mean, what was that? A funny attempt of making her more human but with a hard edge? An attempt to show us she too has bffs? or maybe an attempt to tell us that if you are somewhat close to being  THE fashion icon, a bad gal, incredibly famous, the bravest of them all when it comes to what you are wearing and so on, than maybe you stand a chance of exchanging some texts with Anna?

Oh my  gap girls! we have a lot to achieve then! And since there are so many to be done and no idea on how to start being something closer to Rihanna, I did slide in front of my computer and joined a discussion with Mr. Google, this know-it all geek, that revealed thousands of pics as soon as I inquired on Riri’s style. Fashion style that is!  “cause I thought to myself that if I have the courage to wear what she wears than I might stand a chance.  So what did I learn?

I learned that Rihanna has evolved in terms of style more than any other. No wonder they gave an honor as a Fashion Icon this year! I mean…one month she has short hair and a gangsta look and the next she goes red medium with the sexiest girly look ever. Just when you think into one image she might shock and awe with another radical make do! See, the thing with her is that she experiments. A LOT. And a short slide within the gallery will show you why. I didn’t take me long to learn two tips: when all is black and grey a fur is the thing to wear (you decide on the color) AND don’t be afraid of monochrome (you can always make it batter with glittery sonnies and bright red hair).


lessons from riri

Now I understand why Anna and Riri are best friends. With that much exposure and even more courage Riri didn’t shock and conquer just me and you! She stole the heart of Anna too!

what did u learn





4 thoughts on “THOUGHTS ON RiriAnna FRIENDSHIP

  1. Well both are stars, big n famous, so they kinda have to act like it, being on the front page, glares stealing, shocking. I like rihanna’s style but i think a lot of it it’s her manager’s (or whoever’s) wish. If you look back on how she used to dress at the time of her first hit, she was just a sweet girl from jamaica. You could say the same thing about lady gaga, only she missed he esthetics


    • :))))..yes…the first rihanna looks weren’t that inspiring but I must say my first looks weren’t at all related to any kind of style! It;s what I love about her, that she learned to be brave with fashion.


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