Cognitive salad / Design


Just like Marion Cotillard as Miss Dior or Keira Knightley for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, the concept behind the new face of Mercedes Japan is not to have a model, but a famous character! …really, a character! His name is Mario and he is Super (you can tell that by the size of his arms and chest, a size that is very common in a woman’s fantasy with a plumber).


Although I truly believe Mario would be better off with a surgical nose job, the joke behind the advertisement is brilliant and the production is hilarious. With 670.000 views in just two days I think the guys working on it have done a pretty job at having fun while creating a successful assignment. Of course, that is if you ignore that little voice in your head asking how can a plumber afford such a car ? Other than that, after viewing this commercial my only confusion is whether I would like to own a Mercedes or meet Mario, with his Mercedes, and a nose job.

Here is the video:


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